Abe Rius Interview 2 --His Planned City

323 Views - 04 Jul 2020

Abe Rius [pen name] is a US military veteran who is sharing some of his experiences on-world and some of the repetitive dreams he suspects are off-world memories. He needs to remain anonymous to keep his job, so will be audio only. I've known him on FB for several years and he has been consistent in what he talks about the whole time. In this interview, Abe talks about his planned city for the mountains in Antarctica. [I also digressed into mind fracture, alters and the Covid-19 quarantine.] To contact Penny: https://www.spaceportals.net A free-to-join modern forum site, registration best done from a computer. MUSIC: The song at the beginning is used with permission from Pyramids On Mars. It is called "Nacht Waffen" and is from the album "Edge Of The Black" due out on Christmas 2019. You may order through: Order at : www.pyramidsonmars.com Order at: https://pyramids-on-mars.myshopify.com/