Penny Bradley & Sean Bond | Psionics, time travel, Nacht Waffen advanced technology

750 Views - 04 Jul 2020

Sean Bond is actually interviewing me here. He graciously shared the audio for my channel. We co-admin "the big one" secret Facebook group The Secret Space Program. I was teasing him about being linear because he very easily confuses me when he tries. We talked about a variety of things, psionics [the science of psychic], time travel in the same timeline and the advanced technology used in the factions I served with. PSIONIC LEAGUE | SILVER CORD SPIRITUAL SCIENCE Website: https://magickmiraclemassage.massaget... TO Schedule session TypeIn: Youtube Channel CONTACT: SEAN BOND : TO CONTACT PENNY: My site is: It's a free-to-join modern forum site, registration is best done from a computer. MUSIC: The song at the beginning is used with permission from Pyramids On Mars. It is called "Nacht Waffen" and is from the album "Edge Of The Black" due out on Christmas 2019. You may order through: Order at : Order at: