Jermaine Chavez and Scott Savoy

1.1K Views - 04 Jul 2020

Jermaine Chavez and Scott Savoy are long time friends of mine who are political analysts and members of the Disclosure Movement. They have a large following, and they asked to interview me. It was their first interview, which honored me to be asked. We talked about a lot of the side issues that have been unique to my testimony, as well as how I overlap several of the others out there. To contact Jermaine Chavez: where he does a lot of live stream commentaries. To contact Scott Savoy: To contact Penny: A free-to-join modern forum site, registration best done from a computer. MUSIC: The song at the beginning is used with permission from Pyramids On Mars. It is called "Nacht Waffen" and is from the album "Edge Of The Black" due out on Christmas 2019. You may order through: Order at : Order at: