The Parallel Paths Podcast S.1 E.10 - Spirituality vs Religion from our Perspective

46 Views - 01 Jul 2020

Are you spiritual or are you religious? This week, Makeda and Blair break down what it means to be spiritual vs religious. Identifying proudly as spiritual, your co-hosts reflect back on their early upbringings in the church and how their personal life experience and instinctual curiosity led them to question much of what was being taught to them - eventually leading to them establishing their own personally defined relationship to Source/God/Love/The Universe. If you’re interested in deepening your personal spiritual or religious practice, Makeda and Blair share different tools they used to cultivate a deeper connection to their creator. As always, please remember that all perspectives are welcome, so please share your comments! Follow Us On Instagram: @theparallelpathspodcast - - - @makedasmiles | @sliickfitrelaxed - - - @blairmclendon | @threelayersofwellness | @bonafidefla



Robert Earl White / ORDER OF LIGHT

8 months ago

Liked this one a lot ! Thanks for sharing