The Parallel Paths Podcast S.1 E.8 - 90's Babies

48 Views - 01 Jul 2020

Do you remember your dreams as a little kid and what influenced you? As two children of the 90’s, Makeda and Blair take a walk down memory lane to talk about what shows they watched as kids, who they were in school, how sports influenced their mindset, and what things from their own childhood they would like to repeat with their own future children. Although they are no longer children, both co-host agree on the importance of feeding their inner child every day. Let us know about your own childhood experiences and how they shaped who you are today. As always, don’t forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe! Follow Us On Instagram: @theparallelpathspodcast @makedasmiles | @sliickrelaxfit @blairmclendon | @threelayersofwellness | @bonafidefla