The Parallel Paths Podcast S.1 E.5 - Music & Manifestation

53 Views - 01 Jul 2020

Music and manifestation, two of Makeda and Blair’s favorite topics! In this episode learn everything you need to know about the power of manifestation from Makeda as she shares stories about what she has manifested in her life, the science behind the power of thought and emotion, and the keys to unlocking your creative power and becoming a master manifestor. After that, Blair takes us on a tour of his love of music through discussing how music shaped his early life, reveals his top music artists, and shares how music can be used as a form of self-expression and a method to heal the mind, body, and spirit. At the end of the episode, Makeda and Blair assign the first “Pathwork” assignment designed to help you level up using music and manifestation. As always, be sure to share your comments, as well as Like, Share and Subscribe! Peace & Love! Follow Us On Instagram: @theparallelpathspodcast - - - @makedasmiles | @sliickfitrelaxed - - - @blairmclendon | @threelayersofwellness | @bonafidefla