The Parallel Paths Podcast S.1 E.9 - It Can Be a Lonely Road to the Top

51 Views - 01 Jul 2020

We’ve all heard the saying: “it’s a lonely road to the top”, and Makeda and Blair know this sentiment well. In this week’s episode, your co-hosts discuss how their journeys to becoming better versions of themselves have led to instances of conflict and separation from friends and family. So why would anyone choose to “evolve”? Well because we have no choice. Life is supposed to be an endless journey of growth even when that means stepping away from the crowd. Can you think of a time where your path took you outside of the “norm”? We would love to hear your experience. Follow Us On Instagram: @theparallelpathspodcast - - - @makedasmiles | @sliickfitrelaxed - - - @blairmclendon | @threelayersofwellness | @bonafidefla