The Parallel Paths Podcast: S.1 Ep.2 - It’s All About the Feels! Tapping into Your Emotional Side

61 Views - 01 Jul 2020

Welcome back to The Parallel Paths Podcast! In this episode, Makeda and Blair dive into the topic of emotional intelligence. Put simply, emotional intelligence means being in-touch with one’s emotions and having the ability to respond, not react to the emotionally-provoking situations. Through practices such as meditation, psychotherapy, and focused breathing, Makeda and Blair have grown comfortable experiencing all of their emotions, leading them to living in a predominantly peaceful and happy state. This episode is intended to help you do the same. If you enjoyed this episode please be sure to LIKE, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE!!! Follow Us On Instagram: @theparallelpathspodcast - - - @makedasmiles | @sliickrelaxfit - - - @blairmclendon | @threelayersofwellness | @bonafidefla