UFO Crash & Alien Abduction case in New Jersey / The Lower Alloways Creek Incident

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UFO crash & Alien Abduction Case in New Jersey
 Lower Alloways Creek. UFO Crash & Cover Up. Paranormal Alien Case from 1991. Secret Cover up First time sharing the true story public. I was there to witness this at 3 and a half years old. MUFON reported on this case. This Documentary cover the events of an UFO Crash hidden as a Helicopter Crash. It was a Triangular UFO with White & Blue lights with a White beam of light. My mother was abducted by aliens & Witness a UFO Crash. 
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Amy Peterson

1 year ago

Can't wait for part 2!

Holly Noelle

1 year ago

Wonder how deep the Delaware River is there..must be deep. I believe this story.