Atlantis Uncovered 2021 Dollie IndigoStar #RAW​ TALK with Michael Donnellan - Film Producer

161 Views - 09 Mar 2021

Film Producer, Director, Archeologist and World Traveller takes time out from his home in Southern Spain located exclusively within Andalusia Donana National Park. Michael shares his findings with me Dollie, that are connected to the ongoing disclosure of Atlantis. We take a closer look at his discoveries while he walks along remains and ruins scattered along the Southern shores, clearly now visable and becoming of great interest among Anthropologists and Gov interest. Michael also talks about his upcoming Series about Atlantis which will be shown on popular channels. This Documentary series of stunning 4k quality ruins, indepth research is packed with eye opening information with astounding findings. I have been invited to take a look further into Atlantis and explore the many correlations that connect to the Anunnaki, Atlantis, Space, Earth, Oceans and many more anomalies appearing on a Global scale. Hosted - Dollie Eanna IndigoStar - Guest - Michael Donnellan - Follow me on FaceBook:​ IG @Dollieeannaindigostar Email me ; Website ; www.SpaceLinkTV.Com We look for the very best articles out there to be able to distribute Conscious content sources collected from accross the Globe - If we find it we SHARE IT bringing 4biddenknowledge available to everyone ! #4bktv#4biddenknowledge​ If you would like to see more of the conscious alternative post content we provide - For more alternative conscious Media visit us @​ Dont forget to CLICK the Big Like Above - SHARE / SUBSCRIBE /FOLLOW - Thankyou for following this Channel and Supporting Disclosure. Dollie Eanna Indigostar -