How I take my Iodine supplement

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Iodine is an essential mineral commonly found in seafood, the body does not produce this mineral but it does need it. Your thyroid gland uses it to make thyroid hormones, which help control growth, repair damaged cells and support a healthy metabolism.

A third of people worldwide may have an iodine deficiency and in this toxic world this is basically an essential.

How to take

Start with 2-3 drops in water/juice in the dawning every other day to see how it works for you. Depending on the state of health of your body, you may not need it everyday. If you are eating wild caught seafood 2-3 times a week this will also be unnecessary depending on your physical state. 2 drops is sufficient for maintenance but depending on your health situation, talk to your doctor or nearest sensible herbalist about taking this in higher doses. 

To know if you need Iodine do a patch test on your skin, like your arm, if the iodine is absorbed immediately, you may be deficient. Take the dosage as required on the bottle everyday, doing patch tests to see if you're still deficient; eventually you will see that the body absorbs less and less and this is how you know that you're on an even level. Iodine does a lot for the body, do your research and see for yourself how much this can keep you safe and your thyroid stays regulated.
About Lugol's Solution of Iodine

✔ Always fresh, does not expire.
✔ To use as a water purifier add 3-6 drops per liter of water
✔ Keep out of direct sunlight. No need to refrigerate

LUGOL'S 2%: Each VERTICAL drop is about 2.5 mg's of iodine/potassium iodide (1 mg iodine, 1.5 mg potassium iodide) and 2 drops is about 5 mg's of iodine/potassium iodide (2 mg iodine, 3 mg potassium iodide)

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I love it!!!! I have been looking for another way to increase my iodine so thank you very much!