Carbon 12 Isotope = 666 Biology And The Number Of Man

7.5K Views - 17 Aug 2020

I usually don't do this, but I am made this second post about 666 on instagram today because there were some people that were completely confused and responded based on emotion and their upbringing, which is totally based on a belief system. I tend to lean more towards real research and real science. Not what I've been told my entire life. So I made this very short video and hopes that some of you that are in total disbelief that we are all carbon based life forms will stop responding with emotion and use logic. Do some research. We are pretty much built of a lattice of carbon 12 isotope which is built from 6 protons 6 electronic and 6 neutrons. The isotope of carbon accounts for 99% of all forms of carbon. it is the isotope carbon 12 consists of 6 elecrons, 6 protons and 6 nutrons. (666)After oxygen the most abundant element in the human body is carbon 12. On cremation the body returns to its carbon 12 state after all gases like oxygen, helium and hydrogen are released. Carbon 12 is one of the 5 elements that make up the human DNA. Carbon 12 is the most crucial isotope needed to create living biology. This is eactly what the writer of revelation was referring when he said that 666 was the number of a man which is carbon 12. The ancients knew about atoms and quantum physics. Maybe I'll make that my next post. Anyway, Carbon 12 is the basis of the physical body and the link that ties man to the physical universe. ☕