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      Part 1 looks at the beginings of the Secret Space programs. Thomas Mikey Jensen Dollie Indigo-Star Billy Carson present insight into some of the many witness accounts of individuals who claim to have memory recall in 20/20 - 60/60 programs including Tony Rodrigues - William WhiteCrow - EL Ka the Star Traveler - Laura Eisenhower - How Far does the rabbit hole go ??? Technology, age regeneration, Timetravel, Programs and much much more to come in Part 2 of The SecretSpace Program Docufobia - SuperSoul/Dure POI - AI - Clones - Hybrids - Fertility Programs 

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      Is this what we call soft disclosure ? Who are "The people that live there" ? Is this a confirmation that they know something that we the public don't ? Disclosure at its best in less then 1 minute..

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      For months, NASA has worked with a concept car company and a TV network to design and build a Mars rover. The unnamed vehicle was built for Kennedy Space Center and debuted in early May. Though it's a demonstration vehicle for educational use, it was designed to be as realistic as possible. Since late 2016, NASA's Kennedy Space Center, an unnamed cable television network, and a company that builds concept vehicles have been quietly collaborating to build a full-size Mars rover. Video and images of the completed vehicle started appearing on social media sites on May 9, following an official unveiling of the unnamed rover in Florida that day. One clip shared on Instagram shows the rover, which resembles the Batmobile from the movie "Batman Begins," slowly idling around a road in front of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

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      We have gathered some of the many videos of anomalies in space captured by NASA from the various STS missions and ISS footage available to the public in their archives. On one video the feed is cut LIVE from NASA and in another it is visable that multiple moving UAP Unidentifies Aerial Phenomena was captured on the cameras. What are we looking at here ? UFO Is it iceparticles as many debunkers have claimed, or could we be looking at inteligent moving highly advanced objects moving at phenomenal speed and changing directions ? Visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MarsMoonSpace/


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      A little compilation of some of the best recordings of Unidentified Flying Objects caugth on camera in space. Enjoy

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      Available only on https://www.4biddenknowledge.tv/ The Baltic Sea Anomaly. What can it be ? In episode 1 we saw and heard the members of Ocean X Teams private thoughts. In This episode we will meet 9 other people with different views on the subject. A crashed UFO ? An Ancient construction ? or just a simple natural formation ? http://www.marsmoonspace.com/the-unsolved-mystery

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      Is there life beyond our own existence? The question has been asked by many and only a few people have the knowledge and answers that we are searching for. Some of those "few" people are employees at NASA and are handling videos from ISS LIVE cameras and videos from the STS mission, Apollo missions etc. etc. We might not get an answer to our questions right here, right now, but we have something else that we can look at from which we can draw our own conclusions ! And that is all the video material from NASA that is available to the public - and that will be what we are scrutinising in DocUFObia. * Can ice particles accelerate and slow down in space ? * Can space debris make right or left turn in space and does it pulsate with a bright light ? * What are the astronauts on STS mission 29 speaking of when they say " we still have the alien spacecraft under observance" ? * And what did the astronaut on STS mission 73 mean when he said “We have an unidentified flying object" ? Enjoy DocUFObia and prepare yourself and your friends for the upcoming disclosure on Life in our Universe.. Copyright 2018 https://www.marsmoonspace.com/

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      What If... The governments around the world told the truth about life in our universe ? What If... We found out there is life on the moon and on Mars ? What If... You could ask a question regarding the new statement of life in our Universe, What would you ask ? Did the Apollo 11 team see a UFO that followed them ? and is it true that the "life changing" event Edgar Mitchell had was seeing the Earth Moon and Sun at the same time on the way back from the Moon ? The questions are many, and we probably never get and answer to all of them. What If... A Mars Moon Space TV production.


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      Available only on https://www.4biddenknowledge.tv/ The Baltic Sea Anomaly, what do people think 5 years later after it was found. I decided to find out and invited a´lot of people to give me their opinions via skype. In episode 1 you will meet Peter Lindberg, Cai Magnusson, Stefan Hogeborn and Dennis Åsberg, all members of the Ocean X Team, and their will tell about their personal beliefs regarding the anomaly.

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