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      Strangely mechanical looking skeletal remains on Mars. Also other multiple weird artefacts and calcified fossils in this amazing Curiosity Rover gigapan image. #Mars #Life #Structures 

      With new videos uploaded regularly. ArtAlienTV is deducing what actually happened on MARS. Having arguably identified more clear and concise alien structures and artefacts than anybody on Earth. All images can be easily downloaded and checked from the YouTube video descriptions. Genuine alien detective work with CSI style analysis.

      ArtAlienTV has also had many finds published in the press. (Mars Female Warrior Statue, Mars Dome & pyramid, Mars Giant Sphinx, Tiny Reptile and many more) The media are taking notice of these amazing rover images from our near planets. Join and become a space detective or sit back and watch the incredible evidence roll in.


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      My image enhancements are always shown next to the official raw images to show that they are well within the bounds of sensible inquiry and analysis. But using my enhanced images without my permission will result in Google copyright action.


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      First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV - 9th May 2020 and published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - 14th May 2020.

      GIGAPAN CREDIT: Keith Laney Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

      ✔ NASA image link: http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/218904/snapshots/629482?fbclid=IwAR2Wql47Gu1SR2uUja5G2C-lLf1UR8qbqstuzPldgWZKIBxjAUndtCBW1S0


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      For months, NASA has worked with a concept car company and a TV network to design and build a Mars rover. The unnamed vehicle was built for Kennedy Space Center and debuted in early May. Though it's a demonstration vehicle for educational use, it was designed to be as realistic as possible. Since late 2016, NASA's Kennedy Space Center, an unnamed cable television network, and a company that builds concept vehicles have been quietly collaborating to build a full-size Mars rover. Video and images of the completed vehicle started appearing on social media sites on May 9, following an official unveiling of the unnamed rover in Florida that day. One clip shared on Instagram shows the rover, which resembles the Batmobile from the movie "Batman Begins," slowly idling around a road in front of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

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      Mars Moon Space Tv is a channel dedicated to assist in finding and sharing information and finds of phenomena from accross the Universe and Globe. Founder Thomas Mikey Jensen Researcher UFAH - Documentary Film maker - Researcher Anunnaki History - Presenter of Mars Moon Space Tv alongside Co Founder and Co-host Dollie Indigo Jensen. Subscribe / Share / Educate to Free the Truth If we find it we SHARE it. We share the best to our knowledge and rely highly on our dedicated subscribers for the continuation of this channel. We seek and interview the BEST associates, collegues who work hard and are dedicated to their research and findings to assist the anomaly and phenomena community. Email our website address for more information or Donations of support. We thank all contributors for their appreciated assistance. All questions and videos send to our link below : Marsmoonspace@gmail.com

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      ArtAlienTV 4BTube
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      ArtAlienTV - Arguably the best collection of Mars and Moon buildings, statues, ruins & objects on the net.

      Art, architecture, wreckage, UFO's and vehicles shown in recent Rover & satellite space images. Mars statues, skeletal remains, calcified animals, mummies and tombs. 100's of fine examples.

      Pyramids, Towers, Domes, Bunkers, City Ruins. Intelligent structures on Mars, Moon and Antarctica. Don't be fooled by the official dogma you have been lead to believe.


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